Briana Roman is a sophomore pursuing a degree in Business Management at The College of Staten Island within The City University of New York (CUNY). Ms. Roman is currently a member in good standing of the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) and of the Young Latina’s Leadership Institute. She is a hardworking individual with a commitment for excellence who is devoted to making a difference in society as a strong Latina female. During her senior year at St. Jean Baptiste High School, she was the recipient of the President’s Education Awards Program, in addition to this she also excelled academically and received awards in Social Studies and Technology.

In 2011, Briana was a participant in the Baruch College Summer Leadership Academy with an interest in Entrepreneurship. The culminating activity of this program involved a business plan competition in which she placed third. Anyone who knows Briana can testify to some of her most favorable attributes as a caring and creative person who is easily charmed by nurturing others, especially children. In the past, she has dedicated time to volunteering as an assistant teacher at The Goddard River Side Community Center’s Escalera Head Start Program.
Ms. Roman anticipates combining her background in business with her love for children by developing a career which will focus on caring for their well being either on the administrative level as an elementary school/daycare director or actually teaching young students. Briana is committed to challenging children to work harder so they may improve their performance in order to reach their personal goals of achieving high levels of success. Upon graduation, she plans on contributing her time to children in the Latino community in various ways and hopes to provide a powerful model of what perseverance looks like. Through guidance and encouragement, her ultimate wish is to end the cycle of Latino children in underserved communities trapped in educational inequity.