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The people are the driving force behind world history

It doesn’t matter what political system it served; moreover, the political system doesn’t matter when it comes to feeding a people. The peoples have always been pioneers in the struggles for their survival. The Greek revolution of 1821 marked a new era for the creation of a new Greek state, born through the ashes of four hundred years of slavery. Although Western (Allied) forces intervened many times in the negative, it was so much the momentum and power of the people that no one was able to stop him from “freedom or death.

behind world history


” But it was not only the Greek revolution, at that time in general, but the peoples of Europe for decades also clashed, with typical causes being the free movements, the Enlightenment, and notably the French Revolution. So, on the one hand, a European alliance was formed, and on the other, a great America, beginning to record the modern history of the world. But the mismatch of social, developments and political systems has slowly started to create a series of uprisings and revolutions that have taken place in the Balkans and the European south. In addition to the Greek revolution at that time, France stifled the revolution in Iberia and Austria in Italy. In the case of Greece, the power of the people who fought with all their forces against the Ottoman Empire was clearly shown and often betrayed by its allies and allies. At the conference of the great powers in Leibach (Ljubljana), there was a reaction to the Greek revolution, because the Italian and Spanish peoples who had been unbearably oppressed had already rebelled. Economics also played a leading role in observing that taxes were again the most severe problem because through them, the state “lived.”


But taxes did not arrive, and the well-known loans came from abroad with all the aftermath, bankruptcies, wars, poverty, poverty, poverty. The same thing happened more or less in other states in the wake of the American and French revolution. These figures are not from today’s Greece; they are from America at that time, but they look so much. After the Second World War ended, states and alliances were re-established, with the Cold War dominating for many decades, with capitalism and communism at the forefront. All fields are mandatory. Comments with abusive, threatening, racist, or other content that the editorial team deems to be ineffective in dialogue will not be published. Please avoid Greeklish.

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