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Tips and tricks for advanced iPhone / IPad users only

If you are an advanced iPhone user, the instructions we give you are essential. Apple offers many new features, with every updated operating system released. The truth is that they may also have some problems, small or big, which are mostly corrected with new upgrades. Through the new features, the company focuses on usability, and usually. As a result, it does.

Tips and tricks for advanced iPhone IPad users only

IOS 8 has brought a lot of new features, but with iOS 9 preinstalled on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and the huge iPad Pro, it brought even more. Most users may not have enough of the above. That’s why user upgrades are around 65% for the new iOS 9. We’re looking for and presenting the tips and tricks of the operating system, but more advanced users. Use your iPhone or iPad to view a photo from an album or the Moments section.

You will notice that at the bottom of the photo, there is a carousel with thumbnails of the images in that album or the “Moments” collection. The reason there is not only informative touch the carousel and swipe right or left to quickly and above all quickly jump to another photo. Try it. Alternatively, you can touch the thumbnail you want to view on the main screen.

You know the process of magnifying a movie while playing it on an iPhone or iPad, by double-tapping the screen. With the new iOS 9 operating system, you can use the pinch gesture to enlarge the movie to any size you want. You can also browse the enlarged image with your finger. Please note that this feature applies to videos that have been recorded by you or sent by your friends and are stored in the pre-installed Photos app.

Following on from the above feature, a timed carousel with thumbnails of video scenes is displayed at the bottom while viewing a recorded video at the bottom. Touch and drag the carousel to forward or backward the movie or video you are viewing. If the carousel is not displayed, touch your device screen once more. Train yourself to leave your iPhone in the office, on the bedside table and generally anywhere you touch it, with the screen down.

This helps protect the device against liquids that may leak onto your machine and instructs your device not to turn on its screen when receiving notifications. This saves you considerable energy. Here we come to show you that you can use data to use the screen from any application and how long it keeps it active when in the background.

Screen time slots are an alternative way to determine how long an application is running. You can see details of each use by tapping the virtual clock on the top right. IOS already offers the Read List feature in the Safari browser, which allows you to save and view web pages at a later time, even if your device is not connected to the Internet. However, the new iOS 9 upgrade provides yet another brand new way of saving a webpage to come back whenever you want, turning it into a PDF file.

You can save this file in the iBooks application. The process is straightforward. Look for the webpage you want to convert, then touch the Share icon. Then save the webpage as a PDF file. You can access your folder through the iBooks application which will wait for you in the “PDF” section. Another quick and simple tip, which may not have come to your notice. As you view a photo, slide it to the bottom of the screen to return to the photo library or camera mode if you’re in the camera application.

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