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Tips for summer vacation without injuries

Holidays can be a long one for many, however small excursions and getaways are missing. And children are always mobile and curious as they are, often putting themselves at risk. Since most accidents in children are recorded as summer occurrences, it is suitable for parents to be aware and without having to be overprotective, with the right tips to preserve everyone’s relaxed moments. Do not rely on inflatable objects, e.g., Children should not swim with a full stomach.


Teach them that they should not overestimate their abilities in swimming and avoid heroism. Dangerous toys in the water, such as jogging, breathing, and more, must be avoided, they can easily lead to drowning. Beware of swimming in the troubled sea and in areas where marine currents are possible. Teach children not to dive unless they are sure the waters are deep, and there are no obstacles. The sun is hazardous without protection. Hat, white t-shirt and sun protection are all from the outside. Also, avoid exposing children to the sun during lunch.

If children are involved in water sports and boats, it is advisable always to wear approved life jackets and follow safety rules. Water still poses risks, even if it is not a sea. For the same reason, they should not swim in a river when there is a strong current. Diving in lakes with cloudy waters should be avoided. Also away from wells, cisterns and irrigation canals. Dangers and traps do not exist only in water. Mountain lovers will enjoy nature with their children if they learn to pay close attention to the particular features of their journey.

A well-placed bra allows you to practice sports safely. This equipment protects the chest and protects it from vibrations caused by jumps and impacts, sweats, and comfort during training.

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