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Tips for a safe summer vacation

Most child accidents occur in the summer, says the Children’s Injury Association, as there is more free time for children, often without supervision and on the other hand, it is a time of a holiday on the mountain or the sea. He notes that “we need to teach our children, as early as possible, to recognize the dangers and beware of them. Security, however, tipsĀ for a safe summer vacation do not mean overprotection.

summer vacation

Overprotection often causes the opposite effect. ” The Association for the Treatment of Childhood Injuries provides advice on safe summer vacations, stressing that “the above is known to all of us. Unfortunately, though, they are so simple to overlook. We all believe that it won’t happen to us and we rest, resulting in a lot of accidents during the summer. ”

Swimming saves lives

Let’s teach our children to swim correctly from an early age. Never leave our children near the water unattended, even if they know how to swim.

Do not rely on inflatable objects, e.g., Never let our children swim on a full stomach. Swimming in a very turbulent sea and in areas where strong marine currents are possible is dangerous. Teach children not to dive unless they are first convinced that the waters are deep, and there are no obstacles.

The sun is hazardous

Always hat, white shirt, and sun protection to our children. Avoid staying in the sun for lunch. Since children want to do water sports, it is crucial to attend specialized schools first and learn to follow the rules of each competition.

They should always wear approved life jackets, even if they swim well. In the case of older children, diving and underwater fishing, they must use appropriate equipment, adhere strictly to safety rules, be attached to the unique buoy to be distinguished from passing boats, and always be accompanied. If there are young children in the family, the pool must be appropriately fenced or secured. Never swim in a pool without supervision.

Teach the children to pay special attention to the surroundings of the pool because running or playing can easily slip and get seriously injured. In a lake like a sea, children need to learn to dive only if they are sure that the water is deep enough, and there are no obstacles. Children must learn not to get near a full torrent or river because if they fall inside, they can drown. For the same reason, they should not swim in a river when there is a strong current. Children avoid diving in the lake when the water is cloudy. Young children should not approach and bend over wells, caverns, and irrigation canals, because falling in may cause severe injury or drowning. “Kids should not be afraid of water, but enjoy it safely.” Appropriate dress. Hiking appropriate footwear and hat. In cycling safety helmet and proper shoes.

In rafting approved lifejackets and helmet. Generally all mountain sports such as climbing, climbing, free fall, etc. They are teaching children to recognize the poisonous insects and reptiles in the area and how to avoid accidents resulting from them. Avoid walking in tall grass, or making noise to remove snakes that may be hidden in them. Do not slam their hands into crevices and under stones, because there may be snakes and poisonous insects such as scorpions. Teach children that animals generally become dangerous when they feel threatened, ill, or protect their pets, their food, their home, and even their boss. As a rule, children should learn to respect all animals.

In the countryside, children may encounter non-pets, such as sheepdogs, mules, donkeys, and more. In this case, it wants children’s attention to avoid serious accidents. Make sure there are no rivers, wells, torrents, and other water storage areas in the area. If present, explain their danger to children and prevent them from playing next to them. Children away from matches, fire, and gas. When we think they are mature and responsible, we should teach them how to handle them properly. Make sure there are no poisonous plants in the area, eg, watch out for the summer storms. Let us teach our children not to stand under trees and power cords and not to swim when lightning strikes. Wherever we are on holiday, teach our children to avoid spoiled foods.

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