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World Children’s Book Day 2019

World Children’s Book Day is celebrated every year on April 2, the day the tremendous Danish fairy-tale Hans Christian Andersen was born. In 2012 the Department of Mexico was responsible for the celebration material. The message was written by award-winning Mexican writer Francisco Hinojosa, who was born in Mexico City in 1954 and is one of the most prolific and successful children’s book authors.

World Children's Book Day 2019
The poster was created by Mexican illustrator Juan Gedovius, who was born in Mexico City and said he is also a storyteller, an “irrepressible owl” and a “fisherman of marine dragons.” He has published more than 60 of his works, received ten international awards, and participated in numerous national and international exhibitions. His books include Trucks, Ribit, and Morado al Cubo. The poster with the message was printed in Greek sponsored by Patakis Publications and distributed with their care. Once upon a time, it was a story that everyone in the world knew.

It was not just one story but many that began to fill the world with fairytale girls and sly wolves, crystal balloons and princesses, intelligent cats and leaden soldiers, friendly giggles and squirrels. They filled the world with words, ingenuity, pictures, and strange characters. They used to invite people to laugh, to admire, to live. When we read, tell, or hear stories, we exercise our minds as we would if we had to train to stay fit.

Surely one day, without even realizing it, one of these stories will come back to life, offering us creative solutions to the obstacles we face on our way. When we read, tell, or hear stories, we continue with an age-old typical that played a fundamental role in the history of culture: community building. Cultures, past ages, and generations come together with these stories to tell us that we are all one, the Japanese, the Germans, the Mexicans.

Those of us who lived in the seventeenth century, and we of today, who read our stories online. Stories satisfy all people in the same way because, although we have enormous differences, we are all deeply rooted in the stories. Unlike living organisms that are born, reproduced, and die, stories, overflowing with fertility, can become immortal – mainly traditional ones that can adapt to the conditions and environment where they are told or rewritten. They are stories that, when played or heard, make us co-creators.

Of course, these are well known, but unfortunately, I have to keep repeating them. But let’s pause for a moment and let’s look at some impressive things. Hopefully, they are relevant to the preceding. As I have told you before, letters are nothing more than programming commands so that the meaning of the sound and the image that creates each word set are MUCH identical.

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