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How to reduce the cost of skiing

Skiing and snowboarding are expensive sports that are steadily gaining new friends in Greece. Make winter skiing more affordable and affordable with the following tips, whether you are a beginner or advanced. This is the first step. Don’t just look at the cost of travel or flight if you plan to go abroad. Consider the cost of overnight stays, meals, and passes for the slopes. If you go outside Greece, Bulgaria (Bansko, Pamporovo, etc.) is a popular and relatively cheap destination.


If you want to go farther to Italy can be a good, relatively inexpensive option next to Austria. You can find package deals in Greece and abroad here. Also, when traveling abroad, at the cost of travel, do not forget to include the airport transfer to the winter resort and your journey there. Usually renting a car can be the best option, especially if you are a big company. Compare rental rates here and read the article to avoid pitfalls in car rental. Avoid periods that are popular in the country you are about to go to.

Usually, these times are Christmas and February. So look at the prices before Christmas, January, and towards the end of the winter season, March. It is a good idea to consider if there is a big ski/snowboarding tournament that you can raise in the ski area you are planning to go to. Also closing your flights and hotel early enough (October – November) can save even more money. Pay special attention to the company and the type of tickets you book to avoid any hidden charges. This is one of the highest costs when you go skiing. First, consider the use / how much you will ski and buy the appropriate pass. Depending on the resort, there are daily, breakfast, afternoon passes, and packages for more than one day. If you are a beginner, then the best you can do is rent out so that you do not buy ski equipment that you will use a few times or are not suitable for. For best prices, rent the material online and not when you are at your destination. If you can, borrow some of the material from friends. If you want to buy the equipment, the cheapest season is between the end of the winter season and before the next one begins.

Compare prices in Greek and European online stores to find the best deals. In addition to clothing, we recommend buying boots but avoiding skiing or snowboarding. The reason is that the shoes can be put in your luggage if you go by plane to your destination. Skiing/boarding will have to pay extra for transport, especially when using one of the cheap airlines. The European Insurance Card (see more here) provides access to public health care in any EU country at a cost comparable to that of Greek general attention. It is essential, anyway, especially when skiing with a higher chance of injury. But the European Insurance Card is not sure that it can cover you 100%. Most ski resorts have private doctors/clinics, so in the event of an accident, the money you will have to pay will be enough. We advise you to buy travel insurance that covers winter sports. It is preferable to pay a small fee rather than risk paying for private care. With the Revolut card, you can quickly and easily buy and activate travel insurance through your mobile while you are on the slopes.

Each race also has a different tactic with the length of the race getting longer and the molding period. Finally, as the competition grows in importance, so does the duration of this (mid-cycle) period of our macrocycle. Answer: We recommend creating two phases: pre-molding and final molding phase. From the pre-molding phase to the final molding phase, we usually have a 41-60% reduction in training loads. Training Volume: From the volume of training, we will have the most spectacular results. Here’s how it can be done.

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