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The sad story behind the ‘bitten apple

Apple’s conference takes place at such a time every year and informs about upgrades and changes to the programs of the iPhone and other devices of the company. What dampened the interest of IT professionals was Apple’s superintendent, the new Mac Pro, a supercomputer hoping to erase its predecessor’s derogatory reviews. According to Apple senior executives, the new iOS 13 will include face recognition, functional and 30% faster screen unlock the application.


Facebook will release its own crypto! The deal is being negotiated with major US financial institutions and cryptocurrencies, including one created by Mark Zuckerberg’s “sworn” enemies, the Winklevoss twins, once co-founders of Facebook. Facebook is expected to reveal more details this summer and Zuckerberg has already discussed with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney the opportunities and risks of such a cryptocurrency.

Cell Phone Security Tips To Protect Your Phone From Malware This is your first step to ensure the security of your phone. You’re always trying to download apps from trusted sources like the Google Play Store. Always turn on Google Play Protection as it will scan for any malware that may get into your system. Always read your app’s permissions before clicking the Accept button. Always keep your phone’s operating system up-to-date as it ensures extra security for your phone. The old operating system is still prone to attacks because of their vulnerable nature. Try your level better to avoid the dark side of the internet. These sites may contain a hidden program, which may appear as ads, and when you click, viruses will automatically deploy to your system. Always remember to disconnect from the application and other web-based services after you have finished using it.

Because it smooths the way for hackers to access your information quickly, we often use social networks and tend to forget to get out of them, which is a terrible practice. If you connect your device to Wi-Fi of unknown origin, data thieves can connect to your device. The hacker is not only able to see what you are surfing, but he can also control your device. Always use a VPN while browsing through Wi-Fi networks: When navigating from a Wi-Fi source, it is recommended to use a VPN, as it restricts any third party from spying. The mobile phone today is an essential tool for everyone. Every day we make a lot of shifts in financial and personal data. So we need to make sure that the device data is secure. If we keep the above mobile security tips, there is no malware to attack your system. So you won’t even need to install antivirus software.

No one could ever accuse the iPad or iPhone of being challenging to use, with a clean and friendly interface that keeps everything simple. However, beneath the surface, there are some hidden features and tricks that can make your tablet or smartphone faster and easier to use. We’ve gone through every element to bring you the ultimate iPad and iPhone tips and tricks. We have categorized the tips, so use the navigation (at the top and bottom of this article) to find the section you are most interested in if you are looking for a specific hint or tip. These tips and tricks either help you modify system settings or are tips that will work in any application. So think of the latter as your general shortcuts, and experiment with them in different forms to see how they work.

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